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GF Barilla

Barilla Pasta Bulk Set - Free shipping by bulk purchase! (No Import Tax, No Sales Tax) Go Shopping


Bulk Import  Amical Table has strong connections with US food vendors and logistics. We can help if you like to import. Please contact us for free consultation. Please contact us from here

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GF Pizza Collaboration How about collaboration work with us to have "Gluten Free Pizza" in your store? Please feel free to contact us from here


Mayumi Kuki

Mayumi Kuki

Founder and CEO
  • Email:
  • Message: Have been cooking Gluten Free meals for family from year 2014, and I am proud to know "most updated" Gluten Free foods, recipe, products, ingredients and restaurants in US, and still keep researching more. I will do my best to be helpful for your healthy life to enjoy variety of foods!
    Detailed message from CEO is here.
Kuniko Naito

Kuniko Naito

Vegan and Gluten Free Chef
Lead Chef
  • Message:I have been enjoying vegetarian life from year 2008. I wish I can deliver the meals using local organic ingredients to you with good taste and healthy as my best, so that your body will be happy!
    Blog Site by Kuniko (Japanese)
Kit Wong-Khoo

Kit Wong-Khoo

Natural Foods Chef
Holistic Health Coach
  • Introduction: She was originally working as professional compliance analyst at New York Stock Exchange. But, after she found out her daughter had T-cell lymphoma, epilepsy, ADHD and LD, ended up the best way to cure and have healthy body is by healthy foods. Then, she studied as natural food chef and holistic health coach. She has been teaching about the health and cooking of good foods to many people now.
  • Her Journey to the current carrier (details)
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Wide Network

More Specialists
  • Message: We have more specialists like Vegan, Gluten free chefs, Health Coaches, Nutritionists, Specialists for body health who actively work in US, Japan and other countries.

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Mari Miyamoto

luisito macaraeg

Sarita Wadhwani

Excellent products, great service. I got all my gluten free products delivered to Japan in no time : ) Thank You Mayumi San for making GF more accessible around the world!

ABOUT US - Amical Table

" Gluten Free is now trend and new standard in US - at any restaurants and shops. We deliver gluten-free food with the latest American ingredients rich in nutrition in plenty of selection, as well as good oils and seasonings to your table. For who can't eat gluten products, have allergies, on diet or who concerns the good health, Yes for everyone to enjoy the meals. If you are looking for the new healthy recipes with new ingredients at restaurants, bakeries, etc, we offer FREE consultation with many ideas. ( contact us )"


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