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Amical Table - "Amicable" (Amical in French) - that is friendly, gentle, and also has the meaning of "Am"erican "I"nternational "Ca"re and "L"ove.

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with variety and Enriched Foods
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Message from Founder and CEO of Amical Table

I like to support people in any way, like to be part of help - So, I decided to start my own business as entrepreneur. Amical (In French, Amicable in English) means friendly and gentle, supportive, but not too pushy. And, this stands for American International Care and Love.

After the experience of the big earthquake in Kobe, Japan, I moved and started living in New York, USA. I have been living from September, 1995 for more than 23 years in USA. Since year 2014, I have been researching what I need to cook "Gluten Free meals" for my husband who has stomach issues and fatigue by all gluten products, and for my son who doesn't eat gluten products for the reason of damage for brain and getting more focus on with calm feeling. Through this journey, I realized there are many gluten free products, restaurants and bakeries, and many people make new gluten free products, and many people enjoy the meals without boundaries. There are many immigrants from all over the world, and variety of many ingredients and foods are here in US. Instead of using the gluten products like flour, they rather use the ingredients with more good nutrition for the health. I like to offer and share this good products and ideas that I can have it here easily with you, like you to be much healthier and enjoy the life with variety of meals. The cooking method that I have been doing for my families, updated information about lots of ingredients, products, restaurants in US, and the network with gluten free, vegan or natural foods chefs or nutritionists can be helpful when you need the support, questions or, inquiry for your healthy meals. (Please feel free to contact us)

There are so many people who suffers wheat/gluten allergy, sensitive or celiac disease, and many people avoids to eat flour products due to health concerns, diet or losing weight. Amical Table offers and promotes more healthy life with variety of foods to enjoy your life from US in reasonable price. Gluten free diet also may work for autism also (not everybody, with casein free diet). Even you are sensitive for gluten, we know you like to enjoy more foods like pasta, bread, cakes, fries, noodles and more. I know you like to enjoy the healthy life with good oils and seasoning. In order to make your dream come true, we like to be part of it with you.

We have so many choices like gluten free, allergy free, vegan and more, in variety of foods and diets in US, and many people enjoy the different types of food in their lives. And, we have so many kinds of foods, and many people invent more new foods. There are specialty stores/restaurants, but regular bakery, restaurant and stores who have options for gluten free in menu or sections to sell the products. (You see GF sign on menu, tag, labels) And, almost all supermarkets have gluten free corner/section and they put labels for customers to select easily from shelf. Many people are more concerning about the food safety, we believe.

We have so many kinds of foods in all over the world, but how are good in your health and body? Are you sure those food are really safe, and make you healthy?

Some people are on the gluten free diet for losing weight purpose, but losing weight is based on what you eat/exercise and more in different perspective. I could lose the weight by Nutrition Cleansing for 20Lb (about 9 Kg). If you are interested in, from here (Contact)

We hope we can serve safe and healthy foods in variety on your table, and help to enjoy your life!

Company Location and Information

Company Name:Amical Table LLC
Founder, CEO : Mayumi Kuki

Service : Export and Distribution of Gluten Free and Healthy foods, and related services

Founded : October 24th, 2016, Registered in New Jersey state, United States of America

Address : Hoboken, NJ 07030, USA (* If you need exact address, please contact us.)

Company Slogan : Promote Healthy Life with enriched foods

Company Purpose and Services :

We offer and distribute gluten free, healthy foods, super foods and any goods for better health from United States that has varity of choices as best, and export to Japan and all over the world to support healthy life.
Also, we pursue any related business for weight control and health, and provide the information and support for the people to expand the business. Altimate goal is to have activities to help people and society in better way. (return the part of company profit)

Gluten free foods are especially not common and not that many varieties in Japan, and more people is getting suffering from wheat/gluten allergy, sensitivity and celiac disease (approx. 1% of population, 125 million people), and some people who stays away from gluten products by the purpose of weight control/diet/healthy matters, and autism who may work by specific diet (with no casein) are there. We like to offer to enjoy life with variety of safe/healthy foods in reasonable price to enrich your life.

We offer and provide the products like from supermarket in US to each family and restaurant, etc, from door to door with detailed care and services, and we always research the new products and new services. And if there is a need, we support the wholesale services (export as big lot (cargo) to work with manufacturers in US, and help all the related services for the disbribution.

The Founder who lives in US will be the bridge between Japan/World and United States, and advertise the American product/manufacturers/brand to contribute for the American market/economy, and stimulate the growth to expand Japanese/other countries' gluten free/healthy foods market more in high quality and varieties of choices. And, the altimate purpose/goal is to enjoy the daily life based on the concept of better healthy life.

In you like to know more, please contact us from here.