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Our Mission - We are always with customers, and support to promote your healthy life with variety of enriched foods. Different types of cooking ingredients you have never had, many kinds of Protein-Rich Gluten Free foods which are really good for your health. Select Oils and Seasonings for daily use for long period as "Real Valuable" thing!
With Love and Care from United States of America. We are Always for YOU and be There for YOU.

(Promise from Amical Table ~ Money Back Guarantee)

In case of issues during the shipping, please contact us as soon as possible. We will refund the partial or entire purchased amount.
(Please dispose the products at your location because of food with expiry date.)

* Additionally, we don't keep entire payment info for the security reason. Please input the payment info everytime you order. Thank you.

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Please enjoy your shopping at our website. There are many information such as ingredients, healthy badge, (we call - sign for the products such as Glutne Free, Nut Free, etc.) and even recipes as example. If you have any questions, please free free to ask at Contact Us And, we are proud that our website is friendly for PC, iPad and any mobiles.

Exchange Rate and Checkout

All the unit prices are based on US Dollar, and you will see the current price by Japanese Yen based on Yahoo Finance as estimated price. This price always changes by time by time, because currency exchange rate always changes. When you confirm the order right before the payment, that exchange rate will be applied for your order.

Shipping Fee and Volume Discount

International Shipping Fee is not cheap - however, if you buy more products, more discount on the shipping fee. Discount rate is based on the total price, weight and size, and depending on the products. This discount amount is calculated by our special calculation method, and you will see how much you saved in the shopping cart. If you buy more, more cheaper on shipping!

Personal Import, Tax, Handling Fee

As for Japanese personal import rule, if you buy less than 16,665 Yen (e.g. US$ 150, 10,000 Yen as 60%), then, No custom tax nor consumer tax on your purchase. In order to smooth shipping to your door, and avoidance of extra costs you may pay, our site restricts not to buy more than 16,600 Yen. If it is more than this amount, you can NOT check out. Please control the total purchase amount in the shopping cart. If you like to buy more than that, then, please create new order after you finished submitting the first order. We also don't charge any handling fee. So, no tax and no handling fee. Save money, and enjoy your purchase! ---- This rule at Amical Table is applied for all the customers in the worldwide. Thank you very much for your understanding. (As for your country import law, please follow accordingly. )

Payment and Currency Options

We offer the major Credit Cards for the payment. You can also select the currency - Japanese Yen or US Dollar. You can select when you process the payment.

Order Confirmation E-mail

After the payment is successful, you can see the order confirmation number on your screen, and you will get order confirmation e-mail to your e-mail address. You can also look at your order information from your account.

Shipment Experience

Shipment method and Shipping Countries

We select the best shipment method such as USPS and logistics company, and we accept the orders from worldwide which US allows to have the business.

Shipment and Delivery method

Since it is International shipping, you can not specify the delivery date and time. We need a couple of days to ship, and then takes 6 to 10 days max to reach your door. We send the shipment tracking link and notice by e-mail once it is shipped, so, you can track the shipment. We will ship the products with care and love, and we hope you will be exciting to get the products during the shipping!

Cancellation or Returning your Order

For some reason, if you like to cancel your order, please contact us as soon as possible - in a couple of days "BEFORE" shipment. Once it is shipped, we are very sorry that you can not cancel your order. In case, some inconvenience happens during the delivery (broken, etc), please contact us immediately. If possible, send us the picture of your box or products from Contact Us screen. We will consider the refund sincerely. Please do not return your products since it is food. Instead, please dispose at your location. Thank you!