Variety and Many Healthy foods

We have lots of variety healthy foods in this shop for your choice! You can see the details of ingredients and healthy badge (official signs) to gauge for your best meals! Enjoy your healthy foods!                                                              

Promote new Healthy Life Style

We promote with lots of current gluten-free and all other information from US. Let's make your body and mind healthier together.                                                                                                                                                                    

Flexibility of Secure Payments

We offer the secure online payment through Stripe. You can process the payment by the major credit card. Also, we offer 2 choices of currencies - Japanese Yen or US Dollar. It is your choice!                                                         

International Shipping Worldwide

We offer the shipping to worldwide. We never be scared for the expensive shipping fee. We provide the volume discount from shipping fee by special calculation from products, weight and size to avoid your headache of shipping!                                               

Our Speciality

Variety of healthy foods
We are e-commerce company to export and distribute gluten free food, healthy food, super food and related products. You can select the foods from many choices, and we always provide new products to blow your mind to find something new!
Detailed Information about products
You can see detailed ingredients, healthy badge(sign) for gluten-free, vegan, USDA Organic, etc. And, sample recipes and more!
Love and Care for the customers
We always care for the customers first, your opinion matters. If you have any requests, inquiry or questions, or more ideas - please contact us anytime.
Secure online and Flexibility of Payments
This website is SSL site, and we use secure online payment service, Stripe. We also don't store your credit card information for the security concerns. We are sorry for this inconvenience, but everytime you purchase, please input payment information.
Customer First for the website
Please be our member of Amical Table in FaceBook, Twitter, Instagram and other SNS! And, please be a member of Facebook Group, Amical World to exchange the information of healthy foods, such as the ones you enjoy the food, find the nice restaurants, foods, etc. Or, why don't you subscribe e-mail magazine. We select your information, and post in our Home page or send your information by e-mail magazine to the customers all over the world! Let's get together to create our Amical world
Current exchange rate is applied for the payment
All the price is US dollar base, and static. We import exchange rate for Japanese Yen per US Dollar automatically to show you how much is the price in Japanese Yen as estimate. Exchange Rate always changes time by time - but we take the final exchange rate when you confirm the order, then, proces the payment.