Gluten is common name for certain types of proteins found in wheat, barley(Malt), Rye and derivatives. Gluten is commmonly found in breads, pasta and baked goods, but also be in present in products such as soy sauce, licorice, beer, processed meats, cosmetics and medications. We also have any types of foods by wheat such as noodles and any types of dishes made by wheat. (In Japan, ramen, gyoza, okonomiyaki, takoyaki, udon, tempura, panko (katsu), and more....) About the details, please see here (English) (Japanese)

(1) Gluten blocks like the wall of intestine (like "glu"e) and blocks the absorbing the nutrition, and sometimes immune system thinks to attack as allergan. Some people have celiac desease,r gluten allergy or gluten sensitive to have serious symptom like like pain, anemia, bloating, stool inconsistency, tiredness, etc. In that case, you need to avoid any gluten products.

(2) Hi-spike of sugar in blood, wheat itself and majority of wheat products are combined with sugar, dairy and more, and it is high glycemic index to cause obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular disease and even cancer.

(3) Wheat contains a substance called phytic acid, which can reduce absorption - “steal” nutrients from other foods. Inflammation in the gut causes to be leaky gut.

(4) Being sensitive to gluten is associated with many disorders of the brain, such as schizophrenia, cerebellar ataxia, autism and epilepsy.

(5) Current Wheat is not original wheat which were historically modified by different ways to be more productive, more gluten and strong from insects or any other damage. And, probably agricultural chemicals and more. You can tell it is healthy or not.

Some acceptable gluten free grains and flours are rice, corn, potato, tapioca, beans, garfava (chickpea and fava bean brend), sorghum, guinoa, millet, buckwheat, arrowroot, amaranth, teff, etc.

Celiac disease is an autoimmune condition triggered by the intake of gluten in genetically predisposed individuals. It is estimated to affect 1 in 133 people in US, but the vast majority remain undiagnosed. When someone with celiac disease consumes gluten, then immune system attacks the small intestine, which affect the absorption of nutrients. There are over 300 symptoms associated with the disease ranging from weight loss and constipation to depression and anemia. Currently, the only known treatment for celiac disease is strict adherence to a gluten-free diet for life to heal the existing intestinal damage, prevent further damage and return the intestinal barrier (villi) to a healthy state. Celiac disease is diagnosed by an antibody (blood) test. If tests are positive and symptoms suggest celiac disease, then physician confirms he diagnosis via an endoscopic biopsy of small intestine. As for the details, please see here (English) , Celiac Disease Foundation (English) , (Japanese) , All About (Japanse)

A food allergy is a serious medical condition affecting up to 15 million people in the U.S. including 1 in 13 children. A food allergy occurs when the body's immune system produces on antibody in response to the protein contained in a specific food. When people with food allergies are exposed to trigger foods, symptoms can rage from discomfort (itching, eczema, stomach upset, headache, congestion) to life-threatening (swelling of the mouth, throat or tongue, hives, difficulty breathing). Symptoms may appear immediately or be delayed by minutes or hours. In the US, there are eight allergens that account for 90% of all food allergic reactions - wheat, milk, peanuts, tree nuts, egg, soy, fish and shellfish. A food allergy is typically diagnosed by allergy specialist using food elimination diets, skin and/or blood test to identify the specific trigger foods that cause a reaction. Many children outgrow their food-related allergies. However, a food allergy can also develop over time, even into adulthood. This article is specifically for wheat allergy (English) , All About (Japanese)

Simply No. But, you avoid all the wheat products such as pizza, pasta, baked products with other fatty ingredients in less carbohydrate. So, it may have some effects from there. Even if you avoid the gluten, but eat more portion of alternative foods and drinks in unbalance without the exercise, then, of course, no impacts on your weight. If you are really interested in the losing weight, we recommend "nutrition cleansing". Please contact us about nutrition cleansing from here.

We don't know. The symptom of autism is varied, and there are many researches going on for the solution. Some kids were improved dramatically by food control such as casein-free (no milk and related products) and gluten-free diet. There is information about this matter here (English).

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